10 WEST MUSIC was started in 2006 by LA composer/producer Chuck Henry while working on the classic MTV show "Pimp My Ride", and the very first signings were Greg Richling and Rami Jaffe of "The Wallflowers".  Since then we have sought out some of the best composers and producers there are, and each one is vetted and accomplished. 

Unlike a lot of libraries which sign a bunch of lame tracks trying to get their numbers up, 10 West is a quintessential boutique production music library emphasizing quality over quantity. Only the best of the best music is accepted with no BS. The catalog has now surpassed over 1000 total television shows and over 10,000 episodes. 

In 2020, we realigned the catalog into 3 labels -- "10 West Classic", "10 West Gold", and "10 West International". The Classic tracks are our oldest and longtime successful hit tracks -- some of which have been used in TV shows for well over a decade. The Gold label is comprised of the newest and some of the best tracks around -- all of which  are exclusive to 10 West Music. These tracks will not be found in any other library. Our newest "10 West International" label (also exclusive) has authentic music from around the globe and was started in 2020. In 2021, we will be adding even more albums to the catalog -- many of which will be very unique, different, and downright trendsetting.

We could sound like a total tool and say how supervisors, editors, and networks know the quality we have and come to us knowing that the music is top notch...but better yet just take a listen to tracks on the "Music" page. We have all the usual genres heard in popular television programming such as Urban, Hip Hop, Tension, Drama, Competition, Urban Comedy/Dramedy, Future Bass, Pop, EDM, New Age, and now International.