EDM ELECTRO-POP: Fresh EDM-Electro from some hot, new composers around the globe - swirling, driving, anthemic, and always danceable.

EPIC COMPETITION: Intense, dramatic, hybrid-orchestral competition tracks as heard in many of today's extreme competition shows. Pounding drums, driving percussion, massive hits, and epic cinematic orchestral elements.

EMOTIONAL DRAMA VOL 3: A new collection of "Emotional" cues by composer Tero Potila....melancholy with a dollop of richness combined with light Hip Hop & Trap grooves creating a beautifully mysterious and ambient landscape.

TRAPPED: Haunting, seductive, and methodical...sometimes chill, sometimes tense, but always cool AF. One of our best Trap albums yet.

LATIN FUN: Super spicy Latin EDM and Reggaeton with a side of hot salsa and creamy queso...including some hot new Latin vocal songs. These will spice up anything. Just go order a margarita right now to cool it off.

HIP HOP SWAGGER: A big and bold collection of some bad ass "swagger-infused" Hip Hop perfect for modern day TV.