EDM ELECTRO-POP VOL 2: Volume 2 brings more enticing, grooving, and cutting edge modern dance tracks...and these babies are lit like fire.

EPIC COMPETITION VOL 2: Our 2nd installment of even more tense, dramatic, and action filled competition tracks with epic orchestras, deep hits and swooshes, electronic pulses, and massive percussion. Dangerous, treacherous, and mountainous!

URBAN COMEDY VOL 4: With titles such as "Pardon My French Fry" and "Lorraine Made a Quiche", need we say more?

URBAN COMEDY VOL 3: Mischievous​, cunning, and whimsical orchestral comedy layered over deep, urban beds. A perfect blend of comedy-drama and Hip Hop grooves.

EDM ELECTRO-POP: Fresh EDM-Electro from some hot, new composers around the globe - swirling, driving, anthemic, and always danceable.

EPIC COMPETITION: Intense, dramatic, hybrid-orchestral competition tracks as heard in many of today's extreme competition shows. Pounding drums, driving percussion, massive hits, and epic cinematic orchestral elements.