URBAN GLOSS: Glossy, sexy, and shimmering urban tracks ranging from Hip Hop, Trap, Bounce, and Urban Pop....with the big hit by Pop Patrol -- "Be Okay".

TENSE TRAP: Dark, heated, and haunting -- modern Trap with an attitude flavored with madness & sadness. Emotions are boiling over.

TENSE TRAP VOL 2: Volume 2 of ominous 808's and all the "trappings" of modern tension.

MINIMAL FUTURE BASS: Minimal verses, banging drop sections, and a vast array of ear candy throughout.

POP EDM: Fresh, infectious, and energetic electronic dance pop with a big city vibe.

POP EDM VOL 2: Rich and creamy​ summery EDM pop under the big city lights -- driving, fun, upbeat, and very tasty.