TWG080 Dark Trap Vol 1: "Dark Trap" -- isn't that kind of an oxymoron? I mean, Trap is normally pretty dark. Nevertheless, this is some powerful, somewhat sinister, and quite dynamic modern (and dark) Trap music.

TWG079 Cinematic EDM: Another genre unique to 10 West, these are captivating EDM soundscapes with a futuristic and cinematic flair. Epic, hypnotizing, and expressive!

TWI005 Irish: Fun, feel-good, mostly foot stompin' music from Ireland with a Celtic flair and instruments like Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bodhran, Whistle, Irish flute, etc. Grab a pint or two and just live it up!

TWG078 Urban Dramatics: Dreamy but intense with epically powerful elements -- 10 emotionally charged and dynamic Urban Drama tracks from Ellis Dews.

TWG077 EDM Electro-Pop Vol 5: Feel like a soaring eagle and melt the moon with Volume 5 of the series. A dreamy panorama of love and light.