CEO and founder Chuck Henry is the dude that's responsible for putting this enterprise together and assembling a motley crew of such extremely talented and hard working folks. Instantly attracted to the Steinway grand in the living room as soon as he could climb up onto the bench at 3 years old, music has pretty much ruled his life ever since. From being a classically trained pianist since age 6, he took the discipline that it taught him which has helped carve out quite the successful music career. In addition to having music in over 9000 episodes of television shows, he has signed 3 different record deals over the past 2 decades, been acknowledged in Rolling Stone magazine, and does much of the music for Dita Von Teese -- international burlesque star and renowned fashion icon. But his passion is 10 West Music and writing, producing, and finding some of the best music for media as possible. And since he's a rabid Georgia Bulldog fan, the offices of 10 West Music are closed on Saturdays during the fall. :-)

VP of Artist Development Karinne Grabowski, is the liaison between networks, supervisors, coordinators, production companies, etc., and she also assists with the development of 10 West artists both new and old. She brings years of experience in customer service, a long time love of music, a dedication and attention to detail, and a spunkiness you can only find in a girl from Philly. She's also a singer, actress, and is currently writing her own scripts for films. She also does not come into the office when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing. 

Stephen Baird is a guitar player that hails from the wacky state of Florida and was one of the earliest passengers on the 10 West train. Along with his bevy of of talent -- it was his tireless work ethic, his production and writing chops, and his incredible smarts that made him a great fit...along with a natural and innate ability to cuss really well.  He has become one of the most successful writers on our roster, and his tracks can be heard daily on multiple TV channels. In addition to producing music for television, he has also provided source music for many major motion pictures and has worked on quite a fewl regional, national, and international advertising campaigns. Oh, and he has pretty nice hair too.

Classically trained Matt Vander Boegh is a composer for film and television specializing in urban, comedy, hip hop, and tension among others. As an altissimo trumpet player who can nail the hell outta the high notes, he often bolsters his recordings with the real deal. His music has been used in over 200 TV shows including major sporting events, reality TV shows, and daily talk shows. He earned his MA in Communication at Boise State University (Go Broncos) with a minor in music and has taken music production courses through the Berklee School of Music. Matt has scored seven independent short films that have screened at the New York Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Crypticon Film Festival, and one that won top prize at a Boise film competition in 2015.  He also arranged and produced the goal song for the Idaho Steelheads hockey team...whoever the hell that is. And for some inexplicable reason, he has a Southern drawl yet is from and lives in Idaho. Yeah, go figure that one out.

Another Philly native, Carey Haynes is an accomplished composer, songwriter and vocalist. At the young age of 12, he started writing songs and performing in talent shows. Once in college -- instead of picking up books, he picked up an SP 1200 and Akai MPC drum machine and taught himself how to compose music. Since then he has continued to hone his craft and has become one of the most prolific composers of TV music that there is.  With the ability to write across multiple genres from hip hop to film score , he has literally thousands of placements all over network and cable television. He also had music used in the Richard Gere film “Time Out Of Mind” and the 2016 Sundance Film documentary “Film Hawk”. When not composing tracks, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, playing video games, and frequenting his favorite Jamaican bar.