CEO and founder Chuck Henry is the dude that's responsible for putting this enterprise together and assembling a motley crew of such extremely talented and hard working folks. Instantly attracted to the Steinway grand in the living room as soon as he could climb up onto the bench at 3 years old, music has pretty much ruled his life ever since. From being a classically trained pianist since age 6, he took the discipline that it taught him which has helped carve out quite the successful music career. In addition to having music in over 9000 episodes of television shows, he has signed 3 different record deals over the past 2 decades, been acknowledged in Rolling Stone magazine, and does much of the music for Dita Von Teese -- international burlesque star and renowned fashion icon. But his passion is 10 West Music and writing, producing, and finding some of the best music for media as possible. And since he's a rabid Georgia Bulldog fan, the offices of 10 West Music are closed on Saturdays during the fall. :-)

VP of Artist Development Karinne Grabowski, is the liaison between networks, supervisors, coordinators, production companies, etc., and she also assists with the development of 10 West artists both new and old. She brings years of experience in customer service, a long time love of music, a dedication and attention to detail, and a spunkiness you can only find in a girl from Philly. She's also a singer, actress, and is currently writing her own scripts for films. She also does not come into the office when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing. 

Stephen Baird is a guitar player that hails from the wacky state of Florida and was one of the earliest passengers on the 10 West train. Along with his bevy of of talent -- it was his tireless work ethic, his production and writing chops, and his incredible smarts that made him a great fit...along with a natural and innate ability to cuss really well.  He has become one of the most successful writers on our roster, and his tracks can be heard daily on multiple TV channels. In addition to producing music for television, he has also provided source music for many major motion pictures and has worked on quite a fewl regional, national, and international advertising campaigns. Oh, and he has pretty nice hair too.

Classically trained Matt Vander Boegh is a composer for film and television specializing in urban, comedy, hip hop, and tension among others. As an altissimo trumpet player who can nail the hell outta the high notes, he often bolsters his recordings with the real deal. His music has been used in over 200 TV shows including major sporting events, reality TV shows, and daily talk shows. He earned his MA in Communication at Boise State University (Go Broncos) with a minor in music and has taken music production courses through the Berklee School of Music. Matt has scored seven independent short films that have screened at the New York Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, the Crypticon Film Festival, and one that won top prize at a Boise film competition in 2015.  He also arranged and produced the goal song for the Idaho Steelheads hockey team...whoever the hell that is. And for some inexplicable reason, he has a Southern drawl yet is from and lives in Idaho. Yeah, go figure that one out.

Another Philly native, Carey Haynes is an accomplished composer, songwriter and vocalist. At the young age of 12, he started writing songs and performing in talent shows. Once in college -- instead of picking up books, he picked up an SP 1200 and Akai MPC drum machine and taught himself how to compose music. Since then he has continued to hone his craft and has become one of the most prolific composers of TV music that there is.  With the ability to write across multiple genres from hip hop to film score , he has literally thousands of placements all over network and cable television. He also had music used in the Richard Gere film “Time Out Of Mind” and the 2016 Sundance Film documentary “Film Hawk”. When not composing tracks, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, playing video games, and frequenting his favorite Jamaican bar.

German transplant Jacqueline Van Bierk is a versatile LA singer/songwriter with an edgy and unique sound who quickly became known for her theatrical and energetic live shows and has really left her mark on the underground scene in the City of Angles. She has written, recorded, and co-produced 3 full length albums and 2 EP's with her band Otto's Daughter (which was given the LA Rocky's Awards for "Best Hollywood Band", "Best Female Fronted Band" and "Best Female Singer"), and the magazine Music Connection listed them in the top 100 unsigned artists. But like with most bands, it eventually came time to move on...and she decided to make a change and ride solo. She's been composing music for a bevy of TV shows, and one of her main missions in life is to inspire and motivate others. She's an animal lover and owner of a pretty handsome doggie named BOLT. She gives back by donating money to Best Friends Animals Society -- one of the best non-profit organizations out there whose mission is to make all shelters in the US "Non-Kill" shelters.

Atlanta's Jason Bowen ("Jabo") is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter, producer, recording artist, husband, and daddy to 4 awesome boys!  Aside from touring with Barry Manilow on background vocals and keyboards on The Hits World Tour (which included performances on The Tonight Show and Live by Request on A&E), he landed a Platinum record for his co-remix of Silk's #1 hit "Freak Me" from the "Lose Control" album which garnered its own second video on BET. He also wrote the song "Frenzy" - a top 20 hit for Australian artist Deni Hines. Along with recording many commercials for radio and TV, he has written with huge names such as Ed Roland (Collective Soul), Ryan Tedder (One Republic), Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, Bob DiPiero, and Chris Lindsey. And Jabo is someone that when you're around him, you can't help but smile and laugh. Plus he is one HELLUVA singer OMG!

Evan Scott is a singer songwriter, producer, and killer guitarist. It was only a few years ago that he came aboard the 10 West ship and set sail for the island of television and film music -- and has since gotten his music placed in films, commercials and tons of network TV shows. His versatility with writing in multiple genres including rock, folk, EDM, and hip hop has made him a welcome addition to the roster. He always brings a certain pop sensibility into the mix which makes supervisors and editors really gravitate towards his songs, and his vocals are absolutely heavenly. He also tours regionally with his band Room With A View and owns a multimedia production studio in Omaha, Nebraska in an old, beautiful church that he singlehandedly renovated and transformed into his home and workplace. Yeah, he's a pretty talented dude.

Marcus Cohen is a dope-ass producer from Philly, and since 2001 has been a pro recording engineer running his own production company/studio and has mixed for top artists such as Justin Bieber, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond, Bebe Winans, and Kenny Loggins. His songs, instrumentals, and mixes are heard on radio, records, and TV & films. Over the past 2 years alone, he has been a BEAST in music licensing with over 500 tracks signed and has had his music placed on MTV, E!, FOX, ABC, CBS, Viceland, YouTube Red, and a myriad of others. Marcus is comfortable in multiple genres; rap, hip hop, slam, pop, R&B, funk, and dance. His vocal style is a soulful combination of a Justin Timberlake/Robin Thicke vibe, with Michael Jackson influences and the range of Prince...and his rap style is reminiscent of Eminem with rhythmic, biting phrasing and eloquent conscious narratives. Marcus released his first official album Only Imagine worldwide in June of 2017:

Patty Boss is quite an accomplished composer of music for television as well as a freakin' bad ass jazz pianist. Her music has been used on every major network as well as multiple cable channels. She's also written music for the Emmy winning Bay Windows series in San Francisco and was the composer for Hope on the Street which received national recognition and awards including a Northern California Emmy nomination for Best Documentary. She has been the audio lead and composer for Leapfrog Inc., composition guest lecturer at New College, San Francisco, broadcast mixer for CurrentTv, music producer for Xbox advertising, EA Games sound design for The Sims and The Urbz, and she holds a Bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. She definitely lives up to her last name - she's a BOSS!

Mark Himley first realized the power of music as a young whippersnapper when his Mom pushed the mute button while watching a horror flick. That got him instantly fascinated with the powerful role of music. At 11 years old, he got his first guitar which put him on his musical journey. He graduated from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Composition and studied with Sean McMahon (Spider-Man 3, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Ghost Rider, The Grudge 1-3, Drag Me to Hell, Priest) Adi Yeshaya (arranger for Prince, Whitney Houston, NBC's 'The Voice', Aretha Franklin, Burt Bacharach) and Ken Chastain (Chief Engineer/Composer- Pixel Farm). He has scored numerous short films most notably of which Earth Angel, was nominated for "Best Original Score" at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2017. Mark also cranks out top quality tracks than can be heard worldwide in TV shows, ad campaigns, promos, and all that good stuff. And the dude does all this from South that's pretty damn far away from anything.

Jamison Hollister is like the God of stringed stuff -- guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, dobro, etc., and he's played all these alongside contestants on American Idol, The Voice, and Later with Jools and Glee", he's been ON all those TV shows. The dude is a star. He's also recorded and toured with artists such as Dwight Yoakam, John Fogerty, Blake Shelton, Lisa Marie Presley, Brandy Clark, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Dent May, and The Walcotts just to name a few. He's played at Carnegie Hall, Ronnie Scotts in London, The Blue Note in Tokyo, The Grand Ole Opry, and the Nokia in LA. In 2017, he did the score for the ABC show American Koko which was produced by Oscar winner Viola Davis. He also scored the award winning film "He Could've Gone Pro", did music for the Del Shores film "A Very Sordid Wedding", and scored the upcoming film "Jesus and Jimmy Ray". He has tracks on a bunch of networks and cable channels, lives in LA with his beautiful wife McGhee and cute dachshund Duane, and has the coolest Mississippi accent you've ever heard.

Tero Potila is a Platinum selling songwriter and an accomplished composer with a cutting edge style that has garnered him many uses of his music around the globe. Hailing from Finland and now living on the beach in St. Petersburg, FL...he studied music in London and Los Angeles. When he's not sailing, snowboarding, or skydiving, he's a full time composer & songwriter with credits consisting of Red Bull Media House, UFC, Xbox, Scion, PGA Golf, Verizon, Platinum single in Scandinavia for Isac Elliot (co-writer, "First Kiss"), Aikakone (Finnish multi-Platinum artist; co-wrtier, producer), and soon to be released single in China for Lu Chung (co-writer, "Forever"). And he has thousands of cues on TV shows, films, and commercials in the US and all over the world.

For more than 25 years, Sharif has been playin' guitar and has toured in over 60 countries around the world spreading his love of music. Having spent way too much time earning a Masters Degree from Berklee and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill,  he's recorded some great albums and co-written TV cues with Chuck Henry -- the knucklehead that started this company.  Taylor Guitars, Godin Guitars, and Xotic Effects continue to sponsor Sharif, further fueling his addiciton to gear and vodka. And he has managed to collect stringed instruments from all corners of the globe, even though he can't really play them worth a flip...instruments such as the Cavaquinho, the Oud, and the Mohan Veena which will often make a surprise appearance on a recording here and there. With his extensive touring schedule and a butt that just won’t quit, Sharif continues to prove that you’re never too drunk to write a song.

Evan Wise is an ASCAP award-winning composer from Los Angeles who specializes in writing orchestral music. After earning a Bachelors of Music Degree, he studied film scoring and orchestration with Hummie Mann in Seattle where he gained real world experience in scoring for live action and animated films. After completing his studies, Evan worked on a variety of television shows and was a staff composer at a major music production company until he worked his way up to score his first feature film Ratchet and Clank from Holostar Studios. He's now approaching having his tracks in over 7000 episodes of television shows.

Vijay Scotland (also known as "V2J") is a versatile producer born on St. Croix and raised on the island of St. Thomas. Falling in love with music as a kid, his musical influences range from Soca, Calypso, Quebel, Soul, Reggae, Dancehall, and Gospel. He is also an active duty member of The United States Coast Guard and currently residing in Texas. Vijay has spent many years perfecting his craft and has a positive, humble vibe...and is now focusing on taking his talents into the television and film music realm.

Grammy-winning trombonist Jamie Dubberly (yep, we have 3 Grammy winning artists) formed the Latin Jazz group Orquesta Dharma in 2008, and since then they have released two highly successful albums and performed all over Cali. The band’s debut album Road Warrior won the Latin Jazz Corner’s “Next Generation Album of the Year” award (2011), and their current release, La Clave Del Gumbo (2014) was on top of the salsa charts for their take on the iconic salsa anthem “La Esencia Del Guaguanco” . It has also been featured on Sirius/XM radio's Real Jazz channel. The Latin Jazz Network described this album as “music that captures all of the luminescence, impulsive power, fluidity, and shimmering mystique of the saints of the (Cuban) music”, and recently it has been featured on JetBlue and United Airlines. Jamie's music can be found in our International category and will pretty much knock your Cuban socks off!

Andrew Synowiec is one HELLUVA guitarist. Seriously his list of credits won't fit in this little space, so this will be very condensed. But he has recorded and/or performed with Seal, Michael Buble, Barbara Streisand, Marc Anthony, Bette Midler, Jake Owen, Patti Austin, Poncho Sanchez, and the LA Philharmonic just to name only a few. He's recorded with some of the world's top composers - Michael Giacchino, John Debney, Alexandre Desplat, and Marco Beltrami, He's performed on over 25 Grammy nominated recordings...17 of which have won including his own 2014 Grammy as a member of the acclaimed LA big band Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. He has countless film and television credits such as Frozen (including the song "Let It Go"), Coco, Spiderman: Homecoming, Transformers, Mission Impossible, Little FockersThe Secret Life of Plants, NBC Sunday Night Football, the 2018 Super Bowl Theme, and we could go on and on. You'd think someone with such an impressive resume would be a total tool. Nope, he's the nicest most humble person you can imagine. We're lucky to be able to share his talent!

Smash Mob is the team of Frank Rogala - a veteran major label performer (EXUDE, NC-17) , screenwriter, music video director, songwriter, producer, and remixer (dude is a renaissance man) along with performer, songwriter, remixer, and composer Jason Eldridge. With studios in Anaheim, CA and Mackinaw City, MI, Smash Mob produces singles for themselves and other artists as well as churning out tracks for television shows and films. And Frank has the cutest doggie "Charlie" that everyone just loves. Charlie needs to be the 10 West Music mascot.

Greg Richling is a Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum selling artist, executive producer, record producer, and technology executive. He is Founder/Executive Producer at GR8 Mediaworks, as well as Head of Music for both Buffalo 8 and Stand Post Production. He was a 20 year member of The Wallflowers and has worked with a wide array of artists including Fiona Apple, Macy Gray, T-Bone Burnett, and Michael Penn. In addition, he founded the music discovery platform Unkovr and previously headed the music division at BitTorrent Now. Richling is also a speaker at Musicians Institute School of Business. He graduated from the College of Communication at Boston University with a B.S. in Film & Broadcasting and a minor in Philosophy.​

Owen Chaim has gone from a sample driven, underground beat maker to a "go to" artist for making raw, authentic Hip Hop sonicscapes for television and films. Raised on the rambunctious Hip Hop of the 80's and 90's, he brings an honest, true, and undeniable sound that can only come from an artist who lived through those vibrant and fearless eras of urban music. Not limiting his music to his own nostalgia, he stays on the ever trending pulse of Hip Hop through the slick but subdued rhythms of the 2000's to the abrasive 808 rumble and sparse synth soundscape of today's futuristic Trap beats. His stuff consistently gets placed, henceforth why we swooped in and scooped him up to be a part of the 10 West entourage.

Composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist CK Barlow has had her music used on shows across dozens of networks and in ad campaigns for Kmart, Hasbro, and Logitech. She has created full scores for numerous film and theater projects, including the feature-length films Warrior Woman (2011) and Roswell FM (2014). CK's performance background ranges from indie rock guitar, thrash drums, and salsa experimental electronics and noise music; and combined with her master's degree in Music Theory and Composition, she brings grit, sophistication, and melodic sensibility to every project.

Paul Croteau is an experienced multi-instrumentalist and composer of music for media. A graduate from the world-renowned music program at North Texas State University, he has traveled the world as a sideman playing saxophone and keyboards and now focuses on producing instrumental music for television and films. His work has been featured on major broadcast and cable networks in countries all over the world and is one of the most recent additions to our roster.

Another cat from Atlanta -- Kim ("Kimbo") Bowen is a writer and producer in a multitude of genres and has released albums under different monikers such as Troppical Paradise, Kimbo Calico, and Kim Blinking Star. Currently he's producing and co-writing the upcoming glam/flower goth album "Midnight Climax" with the band Peppermint Pumpkin. When not busy doing music or audio engineering, his idea of perfect happiness is listening to Steely Dan's "Aja" outside on a cool, Los Angeles night. With a beverage in hand of course.

Mike Steimel is a St. Louis based songwriter/producer/sometimes maker of videos. After years of performing with bands, he spent 8 years in LA and became a lucrative writer of music for television shows. In 2014, he got his first big TV commercial placement for Hello Products (toothpaste and oral care) of his song, "Smile", which received widespread airplay in the US and UK. Early songwriting influences include the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and majorly Tom Petty, whose songs captivated him as he was feeling homesick while working as a treasure diver on Spanish shipwrecks off the coast of Florida in his early 20s. He is currently hard at work on songs with multiple songwriters when not working on IT stuff or catching some St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

Steve Boynton is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter, session musician, teacher, and luthier living in the Rocky Mountains. He’s played on hundreds of recording sessions, most recently co-producing and playing on the latest recording for Nashville Hall of Fame songwriter Mark D Sanders (I Hope You Dance). He's played thousands of gigs across the country in the past 3 decades ranging from small club dates to festivals, and performing Guitar Conciertos by Vivaldi and Rodrigo with various orchestras. He’s also shared the stage with a wide range of luminaries including Jack McDuff, Robben Ford, Chris Thile and Janis Seigel.  Must be al that clean, mountain air he gets to breathe in.